About The Observatory

The Cornwall Business Observatory grew out of a need for a central hub of research in Cornwall. The Observatory aims to provide and create data from large scale surveys across a selection of sectors.

Data is a key part of business development. Within Cornwall, the use of data to plan and develop businesses is becoming more prevalent.

The Cornwall Business Observatory provides research into various industry sectors in Cornwall. The data collected from projects allows businesses to collate evidence and plan strategic approaches to moving forward. Data collection and analysis can confirm those ‘known unknowns’ for you but also uncover fresh insights into what’s going on across the county and within your sector.

We work with businesses of all sizes from all sectors. Whether you’re a large company with a national audience or an SME that focuses on the South West, the collaboration of a diversity of enterprises will help us gather a hub of information. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

Our studies focus on current national and regional trends with a focus on data collection in Cornwall. We currently have studies published and ready for you to access, however, if there’s specific research that you would like to commission, please get in touch.

The Cornwall Business Observatory was initiated by the team at PFA Research, an independent market research company based in Cornwall.